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John and Jan House via email:

Cindy, Rick, and Riki,
We love the table--everything about it is perfect. It is so pretty.  Everyone comments on how comfy the chairs are...and how
beautiful the horses are!  It's truly a masterpiece!  Thanks to you for being so patient in getting the horse breed that we wanted!  
Miranda Schack via voicemail:

This is Melissa S’s daughter , Miranda,  and I just wanted to call and tell you all that we got everything set up and put together
and we’re all sitting in the table and chairs right now and it looks awesome!  We were absolutely blown away in all the detail
work and I’m sure…I know there is a lot of effort and, you know, long hours probably and a lot of time that went into this but it
looks beautiful and we are very, very, very grateful.  It looks awesome! So, thank you very much and we will look forward to
sending you all pictures of it looking so lovely with all of our other horse stuff in the basement.  Thank you so much…
Melissa Schack via email:

I purchased this table and chairs as a 25th Wedding Anniversary present for my husband who shows Roadster horses and
ponies with our 5 kids. He loved the table especially the workmanship and detail that went into making it plus couldn’t believe
the driver and cart placed in the table top. My oldest daughter has tried to already claim it as hers in the future. Rick , Cindy,
and Riki were excellent to work with and Rick and Riki sent many proofs to make sure I would be satisfied with the product.
We are enjoying it in our basement that is dedicated to all our pictures and awards the family has received at horse shows.
We have received nothing but compliments from all who have gotten to see it and enjoyed sitting on the comfortable chairs.
The rearing horses make an awesome base for the bottom of the table. Ironically the mascot for the High School our children
attend is a Mustang so it keeps all the memories flowing. I look forward to my grandchildren enjoying it someday because
showing horses will be in our family for generations.
Joel and Vicki Jarnigan via email:


This is Joel...We have received a jillion, yes a jillion!, compliments on the table.  We really really like it and can't thank you
enough for your quality of craftsmanship and design.  The table is awesome!
We are going to the NFR again this year, will you have a booth at the Cowboy Christmas?  If so we will stop by and say hey.

Thanks again,
Joel and Vicki
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John and Jan House via email:

WOW!  The table is finally at it's permanent resting is beautiful.  The chairs will be assembled tonight and WE LOVE IT!!!  
What a project...we just stare and marvel at it all...   Thanks so much for all the kind and loving care put into this fabulous focal
point!  Pictures in a couple weeks...Jan
Clare Turnbull via email:

I saw that top and it almost made me cry!  It is exactly as I pictured it and it really says what the beach house is about.  I'm
glad we did the chair, it kind of adds that feel of relaxation to it.  The colors are great!!!  I know that you take great pride in
what you do and you won't let me down.  Thank you again for being such great people to do business with.  This has been a
Just let me know when you are ready to ship.  

Clare Turnbull via email:

Well, I opened the crate and took the table out and got it set up on my porch.  My friend, Eva, and I started looking at it and
decided that it was way too pretty and way to special to keep it on the porch and exposed to the weather.   So we changed
our minds and put it in the house.  We had to rearrange the entire living room and dining room and basically switched them.  
It is now the center piece of our "living room/eat in nook".

It sits in front of the picture window that looks out over the river with a beautiful view.  It sits up high so that you can see over
the porch rail and I have claimed it as my book writing spot. (newest book " Thornless Roses" by Taylor C. Turnbull).  Eva
has claimed the other side of the table as her coffee drinking in the morning spot.  You know I have to share it.

I am so pleased with the quality of the work that was done and the personal service that you gave to me through this
process.  You are truly artists with a gift for transforming an idea into a reality.  I would recommend you to all of my friends!  

Thank you for making my vision come true!!!   

Sandy Dory via email:

I discovered Phoenix Phire Designs at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show where they had an excellent display of the
custom tables and chairs they create.  I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship and also that it is a family
owned and run company.  I decided that I wanted to have a table and chairs set made for my husband as a Christmas gift.  I
contacted PPD from my home in Canada and started the process.  Cindy, Rick and Riki were extremely easy to work with
and respected my wish to keep the gift a secret!  After telling them that I wanted a race horse design Rick and Riki custom
designed the perfect image that would be displayed on the table top and the chair backs.  It made the gift to my husband that
more personal.  They kept me up to date on the progress of the table and chairs and were always available if I wanted to
detailed directions on dismantling the crate and assembling the table and the couple chairs that could not be fitted in one
piece.  All in all I had a five star experience dealing with Phoenix Phire Designs and wouldn't hesitate to work with them
again or recommend them.

Annette McCloy via email:

We are so proud of the way our table and chairs look upon completion. My husband tells everyone he designed the table
and the chairs himself! Everyone at Phoenix Phire were very helpful making sure we got exactly what we wanted.
Annette McCloy
Steve Corbin via Email:

My wife posted some pics on your web site with a couple of comments. You folks are GREAT and it's refreshing to do
business with someone with such high ethics! Can't explain in words the wonderful work you do. Like I have said for a long
Barbara Prentiss via email:

I am a very grateful and proud owner of this beautiful Phoenix Phire patio table.

From the moment I saw the display, and talked to Rick about the craftsmanship and the design possibilities, I knew I was
on to something special.

Cynthia, Rick, and Riki worked above and beyond the call of professionalism, to help create a stunning tribute to my Dad,
who took leave a short time prior.

From the beginning stages of construction, to the final delivery they showed me kindness, compassion and respect as we
worked through this project.

I can truly say it's been a rewarding experience planning and purchasing my Phoenix Phire furniture.

I absolutely treasure having this unique work of art that will withstand the test of time, and be admired throughout future
family generations.

My Best Cowboy Hat's off to Rick, Cynthia, and Riki!

Thank you very much,
Barbara Prentiss
Wickenburg, Arizona
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Zenaida Salas via Facebook:

My Husband & I are so happy that we stopped by your booth at Cowboy Christmas and ordered our Beautiful Patio set. We
along with everyone that has seen it Love It!!!! Dealing with you has been the Best Experience we have ever had. We will be
giving your name to all our friends. Thanks again for treating us like Family.
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