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Designs for the Passions in Your Life
Custom Designed Furniture
Our most popular sizes are a 5' and 6' round, however we are able to do any size and shape that you may need.  Once your table
size and shape is determined, you then select your inserts (e.g. fire pit, capped ice bucket, ice bucket with umbrella, lazy susan,
custom insert, or no insert) and stone choices.  Once your table style and base have been selected, you choose the chair style (e.g.
dining chairs, swivel rockers, or bar height swivel chairs).
After you have selected your table size, style, inserts, chairs, and stone choices, a
20% deposit is due to begin the design process. Upon receipt of payment, we use
a design that you supply us (e.g. ranch brand, monogram, etc.) or we will develop
a design based on an idea that you give us (e.g. a certain breed of animal,  a
hobby that you are passionate about, etc.) and we turn it into a silhouette to be
used as your inlays.  At that point, you also decide if you would like your inlays to
also be in your chair backs or if you would like the chair back to have a different
inlay.  A complementary base design is also chosen at this point.
Once all of your designs have been finalized and
approved by you, we begin building your set.  This is
when the 30% deposit is due. Upon receipt of
payment, we start by plasma cutting your inlays out of
316L Stainless Steel and send them out for
polishing. The base of your table is then plasma cut
out of solid steel and welded together.  At this time
we also plasma cut your aluminum chair back inlays
and weld the chairs together.  Once the welding is
complete your base and chairs are sent out to paint.  
The base and chairs are then sandblasted and the
base receives a zinc epoxy primer.  The base and
chairs then receive one coat of premium outdoor
grade color powder coat and one coat of premium
outdoor grade clear powder coat.
While the base and chairs are
being constructed, we begin work
on your tabletop.  We start with a
rolled steel frame made out of
1.25" square tubing that we wagon
wheel for additional support.  We
then secure 1/4" Hardibacker
cement board to the frame.  We
cover your inlays with protective
tape so as not to damage them in
the grouting process. Your table is
then laid out with the stone you
have selected. The inlays are
placed and the stone is marked
and hand cut around each inlay.
Upon completion of the stone
cutting, both the stone and inlays
are glued to the table using PL
Premium glue which is stronger
and more temperature tolerant
than thinset.  Finally the table is
grouted and sealed and ready to
be loaded for shipment
Each of our unique tables is custom
designed and built just for you.
Contact us at 714-328-1346 to begin your personalized design consultation.

International Shipping Available
Upon completion, a crate is built to house
your set during shipment.  The crate is then
loaded, weighed and quoted for shipment.  
This is when final payment is made. After
receipt of final payment, a delivery date is
scheduled with the freight company and your
table set is on it's way to it's new home.  
Upon arrival the crate will need to be
unloaded and set up.

Once set up is complete, all that is left to do
is to sit back, relax, and enjoy!